The Action has been divided into work packages (WP) in order to achieve the objectives of the project. The main goals of the WPs are the following:


  • To improve the quality of the urban environment by reducing traffic congestion and increasing the use of Public Transport and to reduce CO2 emissions with the use of PT
  • To improve the administrative capacity and reduce the overall cost of managing the transport infrastructure of the target areas
  • To improve the quality of life of the citizens and the experience of the visitors
  • To reduce the number of accidents by reducing the use of private cars


More specifically, the work packages are:

  1. WP 1 is related to the administrative and financial management of the Action.
  2. WP 2 includes activities to promote and disseminate the results of the Action.
  3. WP 3 concerns the preparation of the pilot activities that includes i) the preparation of the implementation study for each of the target areas (Project Management and Quality Plan, updating of the current situation, operational and technical requirements, methodology and acceptance control scenarios, method to record the performance indicators of the Action) ii) the supply and installation of relevant equipment and vehicles iii) the development of a platform iv) the training of the users and v) the support of the operation of the system.
  4. WP 4 concerns the development of the Integrated Sustainable Mobility Plans for each of the target areas, according to SUMP.