Participating in the European Project EFKINISI (Interreg Greece – Cyprus), a network of four tourist island cities in Greece and Cyprus come together and have in the centre of their attention improved and environmentally friendly transportation solutions in Rhodes, Syros-Hermoupolis, Thera (Santorini) and Limassol (Cyprus) through the efforts of the Limassol Tourism Development and Promotion Co Ltd and the Frederick Research Centre. The project partners are planning actions that aim to implement smart, sustainable and financially viable solutions in the field of public transportation, expected to contribute significantly in improving urban mobility and decreasing emissions and energy consumption.


The EFKINISI project launched on November 1st, 2017 has an ambitious two-year agenda to upgrade the public transport services by adding electronic information boards at bus stops and displays inside buses, providing both transport and tourism information to travelers. Other actions include improving the management skills and decreasing the administration cost of transport infrastructure in the target areas and improving the quality of life of citizens and the tourist experience of visitors resulting from better and more precise information regarding the routes of public transport.


The project partners are determined to stay up to speed with international trends, by encouraging and enabling sustainable mobility, ensuring a cleaner, friendlier and more attractive and an improved and upgraded tourist experience.