The island of Rhodes, with the capital Rhodes, which is the Administrative Capital of the Dodecanese, is located in the southeastern part of Greece, at the crossroads of the Aegean Sea and the eastern Mediterranean. Rhodes, with a population of 115,000 inhabitants today, is the meeting point of many cultures, which have left their mark on art, language, architecture and culture in general, in the long history of the island. The strategic position of the island made the city of Rhodes an important maritime, commercial, political and cultural power, bringing it into a prominent city of Ancient Greece.

The Medieval Town of Rhodes, preserved in excellent condition and recognized by UNESCO in 1988 as a World Heritage City, is a mixture of architectural styles, from various historical periods, the most dominating one being the period the Order of the Knights of St. John was on the island. The Medieval Town, with great museums and sights (Palace of the Grand Master, Archaeological Museum, Theater of the Medieval Moat, etc.), is a major factor for the intense tourist activity of the city, contributing to the significant tourist development of the island as a whole.

Important attractions within the city are the historic center at Mandraki harbor with administrative buildings of the Italian occupation of the island, the ancient Acropolis on the Monte Smith hill, the Aquarium, the Museum of Modern Greek Art, the Park of Rodini, which is one of the oldest parks in the world.

Syros is located in the heart of the Aegean Sea and has the cosmopolitan charm of a lady. A ruling power with Hermoupolis as the capital of the island and also of the Cyclades Islands, that preserves and reassures the charm of a different era.

Thira Municipality consists of the island of Santorini, Thirassia, Palea and Nea Kameni and Aspronissi. It is the southernmost island of the Cyclades and is one of the top tourist destinations worldwide.

The Limassol Tourism Development and Promotion Company Ltd (LTC) is the official tourism body of the Limassol region and is aiming to promote the further development of the area and to market Limassol.

Frederick Research Centre is one of the most important research organisations in Cyprus. It was established in 1995 to create a solid base for the development of scientific research activities of Cypriot and foreign scientists.